Block Paving Driveways

Our block pavers come in a variety of colours, including brindle, greys, blacks, blues, browns, and reds. We provide a 10-year guarantee with all our work, and we do not ask for any payment upfront. You pay us when you are 100% satisfied with our work. If you are looking to have your existing driveway replaced, or perhaps you need an area cleared and designed for a new driveway, then you have come to the right place. We can undertake block paving driveways of all sizes and shapes.

Why choose block paving driveway?

Generally, the block paving driveway is more visually appealing and modern looking.

  • There are several designs and colour options to choose from for better personalization.
  • Remedial work is much more comfortable, and individual blocks can be lifted if clipped or stained.
  • Design changes can be made more easily to block paving driveway if necessary.
  • Usually, block paving driveways are seen to increase the value of the property more than other surfaces.
  • Interlocking designs allow for dispersion of weight both sideways and downwards, meaning the more massive vehicle can be parked or driven on block paving driveway.
  • Block paving driveway is unaffected by frost, salts, oils, and most chemicals, as well as can be laid in almost all conditions.
  • Block paving driveway has a longer lifespan than most surfaces.

Why choose Paving & Driveways Derby for your block paving driveway?

Choosing the right block paving company is not always easy. Quotes can differ from company to company. However, are you choosing the right one? Basing your decision on price alone could undoubtedly be the wrong one. If a driveway is not installed correctly, in the beginning, you can end up with sinking and other issues. Where you may have saved a few pounds, in the beginning, can end up costing you in the long run.

  • No subcontractors, all paving is laid and done by our engineering professionals tea.
  • We have excellent standards of artistry, most of our staff have been laying driveways within Derby for many years.
  • We get you a massive choice of different types of paving and colours.
  • Our team has the right eye for detail when it comes to matching the bricks to your home.
  • We offer free quotations throughout Derby City.
  • Being Paving & Driveways Derby contractors, we can help you in choosing the right design and style to suit your home and provide options for your paving budget as well.
  • We only use a high-quality range of materials for our customers to ensure a long-lasting and durable driveway or patio paving area in Paving & Driveways Derby.

Consult the paving contractors of Paving & Driveways Derby today for a free no-obligation visit where we can discuss your paving requirements and provide you with ideas on installing block paving at your home in Derby.

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