Paving Driveways

A paving driveway is an investment that adds an immediate curb appeal and value to your home. Recently a survey showed that the majority of decorative, stamped concrete and natural stone driveway owners say they would choose a different material next time. However, the vast majority of paving driveway owners say they would choose pavers again. Furthermore, more homeowners said they would prefer to install pavers than any other driveway material when they were asked which material, they would prefer to use to replace their driveways. Why choose a paving driveway?

  • Unlimited design options- choose the perfect style for your home; Unlock more than one hundred different types of pavers to choose from. The sleek modern look of Umbriano, the elegant natural stone cleft appearance of Rich cliff, the casual antiqued look of our famous Brussels Block, and Courts-tone. Explore our range of pavers shapes, colours, and surface textures to find the perfect style for your design appealing. Besides, unlike other driveway materials that require combine complementary colours, shapes, and styles to create a customized driveway that is unique to you and your home.
  • Vibrant colours that last- choose a material that stands the test of time; Discoloration is a common complaint from owners of natural stone and decorative or stamped concrete driveways, but choosing the right paver can overcome this issue. Years ago, traditional paver driveways were installed in shades of tan and grey, but today there is a wide range of vibrant colours to choose from with technologies that ensure the colour will last. Colours like Basalt, Belgian Blue, Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Summer Wheat, Autumn Sunset, Midnight Sky, and Pebble Taupe. As well, many offer additional surface treatments that help resist staining.
  • Permeable options-drain water and reduce ice; Driveways take up significant space on the typical residential lot, and most driveway paving materials are non-permeable, meaning that rainwater flows off the surface. Often, this water is directed into stormwater drains. In winter, water that remains on the surface of non-permeable driveways like asphalt or concrete will turn to ice, making the surface slippery. Permeable pavers allow rainwater to flow around them, through the joints and back into the ground. This reduces the strain on stormwater systems, feeds vegetation around the driveway, and helps reduce the amount of ice that builds up in winter. For homeowners who live in areas where municipal bylaws limit the non-permeable area on properties, converting their driveway to permeable pavers can allow them to install other non-permeable structures on their property, like an addition to their home or a pool.

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